While leather selection and style is important, there are three key decisions you must understand before ordering a pair of cowboy boots.

The first is the heel height, our heels start at 1.25 inches (roper style) and go all the way up to 2.5 inches. Having been in this business for a while, I have a pretty good pulse on what people are looking for. For instance, those seeking comfort and a stable base tend to lean towards our Number 1 Heel which as you can see above is 1.25 inches.

This is often referred to as a roper or block heel. The biggest difference between this and a standard western heel is that it doesn’t have that underslung look.  People often ask what our most popular heel is, and the answer is our 2X heel (1.5"). It provides a happy medium – not too tall, but not too short, comfortable yet underslung.

Keep in mind, especially those looking for some extra height, because of how we build our boots, in a way that distributes your weight evenly, the taller heels are comfortable as well, they just may take a bit of getting used to. Now to the good stuff - how to measure your heel height. As shown below, start at the base of the heel and measure up to wear the side seam begins. As you can see, this heel is the ever popular 2X or 1.5".

The second decision is the toe shape, here at El Vaquero Imports, we offer a variety of rounds, squares, and snips. Some people assume that cowboy boots only come in super pointy options, but again because we are custom company – we can accommodate any toe you are looking for. It is all a matter of preference and once we see your measurements, we can certainly offer some suggestions based on what will be the most comfortable and eye appealing based on the size and shape of your foot.

The third question you need to ask yourself is, how tall do you want your tops to be? As you can see here, this is how we obtain the height measurement – from where the heel begins all the way up the side seem to the top of the boot. The standard height is 12” but El Vaquero Imports has always been known for our tall intricate tops. The sky is the limit here, we have produced shorties under 10 inches and have even gone as tall as 22 inches! Personally, my one rule of thumb in choosing a height is to never have the boot end at the widest part of your calf. You either want to go a little shorter or a little taller cowboy boots.

This achieve two goals – it elongates your legs while giving the boot a more proportionate look and feel. So now that we have covered the basics and three decisions you must consider before ordering your cowboy boots, I encourage you to browse our site and find your perfect pair of boots