Are you buying cowboy boots on for the first time and need help finding your size? We’ve broken down the perfect cowboy boot fit into 5 easy “steps” below, with a few extra fit tips from our boot experts.

This is an easy guide to finding your cowboy boot size.

What size cowboy boots should I order?

Most of the time, you should order your normal shoe size when buying cowboy boots. However, many of our customers end up wearing about a ½ size smaller cowboy boot than their athletic shoe size.

So if you are used to wearing tennis shoes, you probably need to choose a ½ size smaller. Don’t worry about the shape of the toe or the height of the heel.

Cowboy boots are designed with a footbed that fits your size, taking into consideration the shape of the toe. So don’t go up a size just because the toe of the boot is pointed. The height and design of the heel will also not affect your boot size.

Try on your cowboy boots

Always try on cowboy boots with socks that you will actually wear with the boots. Boot socks are ideal, but if you don’t own a pair, try athletic socks. Sit down to try on your cowboy boots. Since the cowboy boots are new, they will seem a bit snug, so you will need to pull them on by holding onto the pull straps or pull holes and pushing your foot into the shaft of the boot. If your boots don’t have pull straps or pull holes, hold firmly onto the top of the boot shafts.

When trying on cowboy boots, always walk around in them to check the appropriate fit. Be sure to stay on a carpeted surface to avoid damaging the soles of the boots.

The boots feel too tight If you feel pinching at the widest part of your foot – between the arch and toes – you might need to go up a size.

Before making that decision, are your regular street shoes often snug on the sides of your feet, but you have plenty of room in the toe? If so, you might need a wide width size cowboy boot.

If you don’t typically need a wide width, you probably just need to try one size larger. Keep in mind that leather will stretch after repeated wearing, so new boots will feel snug at first. After you have worn them in a bit, they will stretch to your foot shape, and they will feel custom made! The boots feel too loose

There are several signs that your boots are too big. They might seem comfortable now, but after wearing the cowboy boots many times, the leather will become “worn in,” and the boots will only continue to feel looser. If your foot easily slides from side to side in the boot, or if your foot shifts around when you put pressure on your foot or stop quickly, the boots are too big.

Also check the vamp of the boot – the area at the top of your foot – if it is loose and baggy, that cowboy boot is too big. My heel slips around in the cowboy boot This is actually perfectly normal for new boots.

Cowboy boots are designed so that your heel will slip up and down in the boot when they are very new. This is because the leather is not yet worn in, and the heel is the only area that has any give. After you’ve worn the boots more, the leather will become softer and conform to your foot shape, and you will no longer have any slippage in the heel.

The more you wear them, the better they will feel! A little slippage in the heel indicates that your boots are the correct size. If your heel doesn’t move at all, your boots could be too small. If the boot practically falls off your foot when you take a step, it is probably too big. What if they still seem too tight or loose later?

If you are still not getting exactly the fit you want from your cowboy boots after wearing them many times, you have a few options. A boot cobbler can stretch cowboy boots, usually for a fairly inexpensive fee. Stretching will not increase the size of the boot, but it should give you a bit more room in the foot area for a more comfortable fit. Check your local listings for cowboy boot repair shops or shoe cobblers. Thicker socks or boot socks can help if your boots seem too loose. You can also try adding a removable insole to the foot of the boot.

Speak to one of our store employees in El Vaquero Imports if you need any assistance. If you are buying your boots online, you can always call us or send us a mail with all your questions regaring your cownoy boots. All of our employees are trained on proper cowboy boot fitting, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your new cowboy boots!