Leather boots are the one thing that never goes out of fashion. They are stylish and comfortable, chic and sexy. Boots can be dressy, casual, or functional. By simply changing one's boots, an outfit can be dressed up or dressed down as the occasion requires. One can find a wide variety of leather boots for men, women, boys, and girls in stores or online on www.elvaqueroimports.com


Women's Cowboy or Rodeo Boots

Women's leather boots can be casual, classy, formal, or seductive. Boots should fit well around the foot and, in longer boots, around the calf or leg. They should be versatile enough to match most outfits in one's wardrobe. Although some believe that one should suffer for beauty, a good pair of boots should fit comfortably, with good ankle and arch support.

Leather boots are made from a number of types of leather, including cowhide, suede, alligator skin, snake skin, and ostrich leather. One can find women's leather boots for every mood and occasion.

Comfort and Fashion

Leather Boots Comfort leather boots are, as the name suggests, built for comfort. This type of boot is usually made from soft leather and lined with faux fur for added warmth. They can be worn with nearly any casual outfit. Unfortunately, these boots are not suited for more formal occasions. One should consider fashion boots for a more stylish and elegant look. Fashion boots come in a variety of lengths, from ankle, to mid-calf, to knee-high. Additionally, slouch boots are versatile and look good on everyone. For more casual events, cowboy or Western boots can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, or shorts. For those who are blessed with longer legs, shorts, skirts, or dresses can be enhanced with the addition of over-the- knee fashion boots. These are cut to accentuate the thighs, and look best on women who are at least 170 cm tall.

 Functional Rodeo Leather Boots

In addition to looking and feeling good, women's leather boots can be functional as well. Boots can protect the wearer against inclement weather or injury, or add additional comfort and support for sporting activities.

In contrast, work and safety boots are designed to keep feet protected in dangerous environments. They are waterproof, with rubber soles and reinforced toe caps to protect against chemical spills, hazardous materials, and heavy items being dropped on the feet. 

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, there is a selection of riding or equestrian boots available. It is important to choose the right boot for the right activity. 

Men's Leather cowboy Boots

While the designs found in men's leather boots are more focused on functionality than fashion, a wide range of casual and dress boots are available.

Boots should be comfortable, and must fit well around the foot, leg, and ankle, with adequate ankle and arch support. Boots are versatile and can be used to dress up a casual outfit, or dress down a more formal one. Men's boots are made in a variety of leathers including cowhide, suede, alligator skin, snake skin, and ostrich leather.

Types of Men's cowboy Boots

Men's leather boots can be worn to the office, outdoors, or to round off leisurewear. Ankle boots come in elegant and rugged designs. They can be worn to the office, or with jeans. 

Cowboy and Desert Boots Cowboy, or Western boots are comfortable, warm, and sturdy. They come in a wide range of colors and designs, with some more embellished and decorated than others.

Cowboy boots are versatile as their rugged design offers protection to the ankle and lower leg while working outdoors, but their look lends them to any casual occasion.

Keeping Feet Safe and Dry A good pair of  boots, will keep one's feet snug and dry in colder months. Leather is warm and waterproof, perfect for winter wear. 

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